Airplane Inspired Furnitures


At Phighter images we specialize in custom aviation furniture, aviation gifts, and aviation history display items. Fly through history while relaxing with coffee tables, entree tables and more! Each item is made from military and commercial aircraft parts associated with historical events such as World War II or Vietnam. ‘’Have you ever had a desk or table able to pull +6.5g and -2.5g and not have your pencil fall off.

Fly into the past with our detailed furniture made from real aircraft components that have the scars to prove their worth. While in flight, our nations bravest fought for our freedom. We are able to bring to life those unforgettable moments and pay tribute through our furniture. We support, honor and give the credit for what these men and woman have done for us and are doing for us.

Kurt Eldrup


Veteran owned. Made in USA

All aircraft items are non-airworthy parts and items, for display use only. Do not copy any of these products, drawings, ideas, and property of Phighter Images INC